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# Antwort: 41 - 03.05.2017 um 10:51 Uhr
Update erfolgt am 07.05.2017.

Arma 3:


CBA3 / 3.3.1Infos +-


FIXED: Maps with "Wooden Power Pole" objects crash when loaded from save (#661, #663) commy2
ADDED: Function to report all CBA namespaces (#608) commy2
ADDED: Functions to convert CBA hashes into CBA namespaces and vice versa (#609) commy2
ADDED: Some Japanese translations (#626) classicarma
ADDED: Function to add options to pause menu (#634) commy2
ADDED: Debug Console to the single player Virtual Arsenal mission (#643) commy2
IMPROVED: Settings framework (#510, #580, #606, #624, #640, #641) PabstMirror, jonpas, commy2
IMPROVED: CBA_fnc_removeXCargo functions to retain items properly (#596) jonpas
IMPROVED: Init-box size and enabled local variables and return values (#612, #620) commy2
IMPROVED: A description in the defend and patrol modules (#618) McDiod
IMPROVED: Performance of CBA namespaces (#619) commy2
IMPROVED: Extended Debug Console (#625) commy2
IMPROVED: CBA Keybinds are translated according to the keyboard language (#631) commy2
IMPROVED: Some array functions (#635, #636) Dorbedo
FIXED: Eden-Editor hotkey for Config Viewer not working (#611) commy2
FIXED: Unit player eventhandler not called when leaving remote control (#615, #617) dedmen
FIXED: A missing stringtable entry (#621) PabstMirror
FIXED: CBA_fnc_addClassEventHandler broken for respawning units (#622) PabstMirror
FIXED: A inconsistency with the initPost eventhandler (#628) commy2
FIXED: Addon credits and versions in main and pause menu (#629, #637) commy2

ACRE2 / +-


- [New] Vehicle Racks (experimental) - VRC110, VRC103, VRC111, SEM90

- [New] Rack-Intercom integration (experimental)

- [New] Ability to disable infantry phone ringing and defining custom ringing sounds

- [Fix] ACE3 spatial interactions (setting radios to ears)

- [Fix] Infantry phone kept connected when entering vehicle

- [Optimisation] Cleanup of sys_io
- [New] Polish translations

- [Fix] External radios too attached to the owner and not willing to be used by anybody else.

- [Fix] Players able to use rack radios and external radios while being naked and screaming over the radio.

- [Fix] ACE3 rack radio where playing hide and seek. Luckily we found them in time.

- [Improvement] Changed default Terrain Loss coefficient to 0.5 (from 1).

- [Improvement] Radio can now be opened on the ACE3 action icon point as well. We considered them too lazy and wanted to give them some use.
- [Fix] ACE3 rack radio actions not showing

- [Improvement] Open radio on base ACE3 action point in addition to sub-action

RHS / 4.2.2Infos +-



M67 sight unit on M252 mortar
81mm mortar cases
Animation for hand on M107 stock when deployed
Flag proxies for USAF ground vehicles
Camo texture variants for HK416 (SOPMOD Stock)
New sounds for M590, MP7 and M242 (Bradley autocannon)

NIT-A Scope
Added flag proxies to all ground vehicles
Added AK74N w/ GP25 & NPZ variant
TI maps for AK(S)-74 and DTK (1983)
New 1PN79 optics for the Kornet-M (6x, 12x, 20x)
AK-74 (Plum) and AK-74 (Emerald)
AKS-74 (Plum)

Flag proxies for GREF ground vehicles (BRDM variants)


^ Updates to M252 mortar
^ Improved Abrams Fire Geometry around wheels
^ Abrams loader speed is now also dependent on speed of vehicle
^ Improved A-10 MFD (CCIP piper, working compass etc.)
^ Advanced hitpoints & suspension for A10, C130J & F-22
^ A-10's GAU-8 is now using mixed AP:HE rounds in 4:1 ratio
^ M230 & M197 30mm rounds have HEDP penetration now
^ Improved hitpoints for UH-60M, CH-47 & AH-64
^ Improved shadows on CH-47 and CH-53
^ UH-1Y flight model is a bit more agile/flies less like a whale
^ Removed artifacts in UH-1Y rotor textures
^ Moved some seats to reduce clipping with passengers on UH-1Y
^ Reduced glossiness of UH-1Y interior materials
^ Hand on stock script is more flexible for use with 3rd party mods
^ Modified position of M249, M240 & M107
^ Adjusted HK416/M27 scale
^ Adjusted suppressor position on SR25 EC
^ Improved bipod and grip proxy alignment on USAF weapons
^ hasUnderBarrel animation for M16A4 lower rail cover
^ Better ACOG reticle calibration & adjusted appearance of USMC chevron reticles
^ Made Mk211 Raufoss ammo explosion less apocalyptic (until a custom effect can be made)
^ Darkened dataplate texture on M72
^ Mark V SOC use now "deleted" event handler - additional roadway lod is removed in all cases now (i.e. while using VG or deleteVehicle script command)
^ M113 & RG-33L now use turnIn/Out event handlers for handling hatches
^ New turret limits for M113 & RG-33L FFV seats
^ Customisation option to mount flag at the front or rear of HEMTT (for convoy procedure)

^ Mi-28 & Ka-52 should no longer trigger ejection sequence while being on deck of some vehicle
^ Cleaned up ingameui.hpp
^ Reduced reflection on Ka-52 MFD
^ Added some missing cfgPatches entries
^ Converted Kamaz & Tigr hatch actions to new turnIn/Out event handlers
^ Tweaked Ka-52 & Mi-28 MFD
^ Added proper mass to AK74
^ Added proper mass to russian pistol mags
^ AK-74 textures
^ Added rotational anim to OG7V
^ PTS-M radio antenna copied from View LOD to resolution LODs
^ Improved Ka-52 cargo lod for 6DOF
^ Improved FG of T-72, T-80 & T-90 (mainly more accurate tracks & wheels + turret ring for T-90 & T-72B3)
^ PiP monitor on Mi-28 & Ka-52 is changing zoom mode while flying with AI depending on distance to target & selected weapon
^ Rebel flag script is now using deleted EH
^ Score for RGO/RGN grenade kills is now properly handled (setShotParent implementation)
^ Changed RGO/RGN script to use new weapon event handlers
^ Tweaked specularity of Ka-52 instruments
^ Added ability to toggle pilot MFD for Ka-52
^ Updated Extended Armour/Reduced Damage warning infographic

^ Updated M70 and M92 recoil values on par with RHSSAF
^ M76 now uses the appropriate PSO1M2 instead of PSO1M2-1
^ PhysX suspension for L-159 and L-39


@ Typo in UH-1Y displayname
@ Typo in firegeometry of UH-60M left doors
@ Typo in rvmat path of UH-60M MEV
@ M24 was missing bipod memory point
@ M27 IAR grip switching didn't work correctly with some vert grips
@ M249 bipod shadow didn't animate when deployed
@ M249 VFG (long variant) didn't hide its original flash-hider when muzzle attachments were fitted
@ Abrams FCS overshooting targets
@ Gap in Abrams driver's triplex view appearing in some screen resolutions
@ Some unit loadouts (USMC javeling carring SMAW missiles in backpack & overloaded units mainly)
@ MRZR and RG-33L classnames missing from cfgPatches units array (affected Zeus spawning)
@ DUKE activation/deactivation hints were broadcast to other players
@ Wrong M112 demo charge magazine generated after defusing
@ Wrong path to CH-53 RotorLib config
@ CH-53 rotors spun in the wrong direction
@ Reference point for towing CH-53 with Leshrack's mod, was underground
@ Sound occlusion made weapons too quiet

@ AK-74 missing UV in lower lod + muzzleflash on AK-74 lower lod
@ Fixed PM muzzle flash in distant resolution lods
@ AK-74N missing rhs_npz script line
@ UAZ DShkM gunner no longer use invisible uber magnified scope
@ Fixed Su-25 hitpoints compiling .rpt errors
@ Removed updating base class errors
@ BMP-1 (basic variant) had wrong camo selections in last resolution lod
@ Fixed Mi-28 proxies which were inproperly configured - they had wrong name in cfgNonAIVehicles & were missing autocenter = 0 property in geometry lod
@ Fixed healing & mine radio messages causing error in stealth mode
@ AK-74 had small section missing material references
@ AK-74 had UV data in shadow lod
@ AK-74 finger was clipping with the trigger
@ Infantry riding on top of BMP-1s could not be shot
@ PGO-7V reticle resembled PGO-7V2 reticle when illuminated

@ "Updating base class" .rpt errors due to adding textureSources
@ Plamen muzzles

ACEX / 3.2.0Infos +-



    Add Volume Toggle (#47)
    Add Headless blacklist group and vehicle Eden attribute (#43)
    Add Korean translations (#55, #56, #57)
    Add Japanese translations (#50)
    Add Hungarian translations (#46)


    Allow Headless blacklist on group (#42)
    Allow ending mission if AI distribution is disabled with present Headless Clients (#51, #60)
    Prevent transferring groups with waypoints with synchronized triggers (#54, #60)
    Optimize Headless handling (#60)
    Optimize Sitting initialization (#59)


    Prevent sitting on another chair if already sitting. How would that even work? (#45)
    Fix Headless empty group check (#42)


    Update Headless framework documentation (acemod/ACE3#4950)

OCP / 1.2.0Infos +-

Link: FTP
Taunus Fix

BW Camo

Falls ein Fehler bei dem Update auftritt, bitte das Programm einfach neustarten und nochmal durchlaufen lassen. Hilft das auch nicht bitte bei Sk3y melden.
Steht ab 07.05.2017 zur Verfügung ArmA 3 530~ MB.


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# Antwort: 42 - 13.05.2017 um 19:20 Uhr
Update erfolgt am 14.05.2017.

Arma 3:

ACRE2 / +-


- [Fix] Garbage collector for racks and mounted radios

- [Fix] Possibility to access racks from other vehicles when using infantry phone

- [Improvement] Optimisation of rack's vehicle crew PFH
- [Fix] Vehicle Racks on Arma 3 release candidate and dev-branch (upcoming 1.70 update)

- [Improvement] Added missing privates in PRC343, SEM70 and SEM52SL components

Camofaces / 3.1.0Infos +-

Link: Sk3y hats selber

OCP / 1.2.0Infos +-

Link: Sk3y hats Selber

Kleiner Fix

BWMod / 1.5.1Infos +-

Link: ,

- geändert: Zusätzliche Eden-konforme Textur für den UH Tiger
- geändert: Alle addon-Ordnerpfade auf Kleinbuchstaben
- geändert: Einige G38-Klänge inklusive der schallgedämpften
- geändert: Lautstärke der FLW100 auf dem Eagle IV
- geändert: Rückfahrtgeschwindigkeit des Eagle IV auf ~33Km/h
- geändert: Distance-LODs beim Eagle IV
- behoben: Die Darstellung von zerstörten Reifen beim Eagle IV
- behoben: Leuchtkörpermunition für die P2A1 und Carl Gustaf waren vertauscht
- behoben: Texturfehler bei Leopard 2 und Eagle IV
- behoben: Warnblinker konnten nicht wieder abgeschaltet werden
- behoben: 'Bone X does not exist in skeleton OFP2_ManSkeleton' Animationsfehler
- behoben: Texturfehler beim JPC
- behoben: AG40-Visier war immer aufgeklappt
- behoben: Leopard 2-Ladeschütze hatte immer Nachtsichtgerät
- behoben: Texturfehler am Wrack-Modell des Leopard 2

Sk3ynet / Infos +-


Update/Fix: Logistikportal Update

3.JgKp DebugKonsole / Infos +-


Falls ein Fehler bei dem Update auftritt, bitte das Programm einfach neustarten und nochmal durchlaufen lassen. Hilft das auch nicht bitte bei Sk3y melden.
Steht ab 14.05.2017 zur Verfügung ArmA 3 10~ MB.


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# Antwort: 43 - 31.05.2017 um 23:02 Uhr
Update erfolgt am 04.06.2017.

Arma 3:

ACE3/ 3.9.2Infos +-


Gatling 30mm UBC issue (#5125)
The Eden pylon magazine fantasy names are "fixed" and are using their realistic counterparts. (#5165)
The FCS has made its way into vanilla. So we removed it from most vehicles. (#5152)
The aircraft countermeasure mode switching is now part of vanilla too. So we removed that one as well. (#5163)

ACRE2/ +-


961 -> 962

- [Add] Added API functions for vehicle racks.

- [Add] acre_api_fnc_initVehicleRacks: initialises the racks in a vehicle.

- [Add] acre_api_fnc_getMountedRackRadio: returns the mounted rack radio.

- [Add] acre_api_fnc_getVehicleRacks: returns vehicle racks.

- [Add] acre_api_fnc_mountRackRadio: mounts a radio.

- [Add] acre_api_fnc_unmountRackRadio: dismounts a radio.

- [Fix] Rack intercom actions did not make a distinction between accessible racks and racks in intercom.

- [Fix] A bug in inner channel function of AN/PRC77.

- [Doc] Added SEM90 rack.

F/A 18/ 3.1.0Infos +-


     vanilla TGP support
    vanilla ejection seat support
    new afterburner mechanism, deploys at 90% throttle and above
    vanilla auto wing folding support
    new gun ballistics computer
    added laser to F/A-18E
    add sensors support
    add USS Freedom tailhook support
    add throttle indicator to HUD

A new pbo can be found in this release, containing community contributed skins: js_jc_fa18_contrib_squads.pbo


    suspension is broken, wheels float 5cm above the surface
    frame rate drop when looking straight at the engine

Sk3yNet/ Infos +-

Link: Sk3y hats schon

SanZelte gefixt
LogistikPortal gefixt

Falls ein Fehler bei dem Update auftritt, bitte das Programm einfach neustarten und nochmal durchlaufen lassen. Hilft das auch nicht bitte bei Sk3y melden.
Steht ab 04.06.2017 zur Verfügung ArmA 3 26~ MB.


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